Frequently asked questions

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Educare School
Educare School

What skin type is your soap for?

All kinds, HelloSunshine does not discriminate and we aim to target all the way from oily, to dry fo combination skin

How long should handmade soap last?

6 months out of the wrapper and 12 months inside of the wrapper

Why is my soap dissolving so fast?

Soap naturally wants to dissolve. When left to sit in water, the soap will become soft, and develop into a squishy texture

What is the best soap you offer for dry skin?

Our gentle and mild ‘Honey Oatmeal’ bar, right along with our ‘Oatmeal Sensation’. We do recommend using our soap in a small area first.

Are your soaps organic?

Yes, all organic based products

What is your most popular soap?

Most of our customers #1 pick and purchase is our ‘Liquid Gold’ and ‘Turmeric bar

What if I have allergies?

All ingredients are listed on the website when you go to order our products

What makes your soaps different from other natural soaps?

Every soap maker is unique in their own way, we personally focus on the ingredients rather than the “look” of our product. The main focus is to HELP everyone’s skin dysfunctions.